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5-Mann Skalierte Raids - Saurfang WotLK

Saurfang 5-Man scaled WotLK:\\r\\n\\r\\nOur raids are all scaled down to 5-Man, spell timing, damage, hp and so on of the bosses got changed to preserve the most blizzlike feeling while being on a 5-Man scaling.\\r\\nSince we only have the 10 player mode available which got scaled down to 5 player mode, you can obtain the 25 man gear via special tokens which do drop from the bosses inside the raids.\\r\\n\\r\\nOverall info about the realm:\\r\\n\\r\\nInstant 80\\r\\nX-Faction\\r\\nFree starter gear\\r\\nProfessions Starting at skill 350\\r\\nProfession rate: X3\\r\\nGold rate: X2\\r\\nReputation rate: X3\\r\\nLow-Level reputation rate: X2\\r\\nFlight paths explored\\r\\nTransmogger\\r\\nRaid and City Teleporter\\r\\nMall Area\\r\\nAnti-Cheat Module\\r\\nBlizzlike Raids\\r\\nProgressive Raidcontent\\r\\nLater on Custom Raids\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nInfos about the Hosting machine:\\r\\n\\r\\nAMD EPYC 7702p @ 4 cores\\r\\n8GB DDR4 RAM\\r\\n160GB SSD\\r\\nup to 1,5 Gbit/s Downlink\\r\\nup to 2,5 Gbit/s Uplink\\r\\n3 Tbit/s Cloud DDoS Protection
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