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Stormstout WoW

We are a Mists of Pandaria Server 5.4.8 with the following things Max Level 90 3x Mob XP 3x Quest XP 3x Gold Drops 1x Professions Skill Gain (Blizzlike) 1x Reputation Gain (Blizzlike) 1x Movement Speed (Blizzlike) One free Random TCG LOOT Mount granted per account upon reaching level 90 Write a ticket when you reach 90! TCG LOOT items in our Store! 50% Reduced Dungeon/Raid DMG PvP regardless of faction in all locations except for rest-activated sanctuaries Our Unique Player Bot System: These bots populate the world and function closely to how real players would, and they instantly queue for activities such as Dungeon Finder, Battlegrounds, Raids, etc as soon as you do. They are scripted well and perform their roles efficiently whether they are Tank, Healer or DPS. They also capture points, group up and engage enemies in Battlegrounds, etc. You can also recruit them into groups for normal questing and leveling activities. They never roll greed/need on any item drops either. Most Classes, Spells, and Talents working as intended. Working Battlegrounds. Working Arenas. Working Instances. Working Raids.
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